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The business environment is changing quickly. Companies need to adapt constantly in order to stay ahead of the competition and ensure growth. An everlasting gap exists between the business that envisions the change and the IT department, which needs to implement changes. If the gap is too big, business start losing their competitive edge.

Business rule management systems help bridging this gap and business users are offered the possibility to write rules in a simple, user-friendly manner, which does not require technical background. This offers business users and overview of the business logic of their IT support, which results in a quicker transition of knowledge to organization’s added value. Additionally, it enables organization to keep pace with the competition and their ever-changing environment.



The centralization of knowledge in the sense of integration of data from different business sources offers to business users a unified overview of the whole business knowledgebase. Additionally, a new business rule to execute a specific business decisions is easily implemented and quickly transferred into the centralized knowledgebase. 


A short time-to-market is of key importance on today's market. The system enables quick and efficient development, testing and management of business rules. Business users can edit rules in natural-like language with no technical background required. Businesses can achieve a faster time-to-market by speeding up the process of introducing new organizational rules, and by eliminating the need to constantly rely on the IT department.


The degree of autonomy is a key to business efficiency. Business users have a full overview of the business logic and the organizational rules without relying on the IT department. BRMS enables them to create, test and manage new rules by themselves, which allows a higher degree of autonomy.

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We possess the knowledge of implementing Business Rules Management System – BRMS. It is a powerful tool, which enables quick and efficient entry of specific business rules, fast transfer of knowledge through different business departments and autonomy of your IT department. Do not lose time, means, and money, due to the delays between the demand and implementation. Contact us for more information!


Matjaž Trontelj, General Manager Department of Insurance Contingency and mag. Katja Pečlin, Head of Department for Processing Insurance Claims, both from Vzajemna health insurance – the first and the largest voluntary health insurance company in Slovenia – presented the internal organization of their fraud management department, emphasizing the crucial role of BRMS and the Admiral application, within their processes at 5th Admiral Users Conference.

- Vzajemna, d.v.z.