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Flexible billing for tomorrow's markets



Billing systems are key systems in bigger companies, as they present the basis for the company's money flow generation. It must work quickly and flawlessly. On the other hand an inflexible billing system can present a hurdle, since it also lengthens the time-to-market. A short time-time-to-market is of key importance on today's fast changing economy.

Optilab is one of few companies in the region with experience in development of large billing systems. The knowledge we possess, enables us to offer our clients an efficient system, capable of processing a large number of transactions, and also guarantees flexibility in defining billing rules. We thereby join flexibility with ruggedness.

In the rapidly changing environment, flexible billing is a key to stay ahead of the competition by being able to adapt fast, keep crucial control over your revenues and maintain great level of customer service.







Case study

quote-01Informatika chose Optilab as a patner for developing one of the most crucial information systems, the billing system. System is divided in two parts, regulated part for billing for network access, and commercial part for billing for energy. The Billing system went live in 2014. The new billing system provides more flexibility to addapt the now very dynamic utilities market. It provides a very high throughput by managing over 800.000 invoices monthly, which makes it one of the largest billing systems in the country.