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The amount of information available online doubles approximately every two years. The majority of this information is available to us, but its high volume and complexity is the main problem. The challenge to attain useful information and relevant insights from unstructured data might be overcome by a smart implementation of predictive analytics tools into your organization.

Intelligent algorithms will inspect your big data sets, sort out the relevant information from publicly available data sources, as well as the data from proprietary and restricted data sources available to your organization, and empower your team with advance predictions, knowledge about future trends and unique models.



Wouldn't it be fantastic to predict the outcome of your investments, future market trends and clients reaction to your new products or service? When it comes to making decisions, our predictive analytics experts and tools might be of immense value.


More than 80% of all the information is hidden in unstructured big data sets. Handling such amount of complex data is impossible for an individual, but almost easy if you are relying on an advance Big Data analytics platform.


Data sources available to a specific organization and external data source available in a specific country might be easily combined and plugged-in to complement the existing sources. With adaptive compliance parameters you can be sure that data gathering is in line with the applicable laws in a specific country.

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quote-01With Optilab we discovered a sub-segment of our audience, where prospects are 3 times more likely to convert to clients.
- Marko Štokelj, CEO Wiz insurance company